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Posted by on Nov 21, 2018 in Newsflashes |

2019 Membership Subs & Early Bird Discount

2019 Membership Subs & Early Bird Discount

Over the past years we saw it as our key objective to put DSA onto a solid financial footing. The increase in membership fees for 2018 had to be above inflation to allow us to get the organisation on track. We are today on solid ground and able to fund a large variety of development activities that will benefit our members directly.

We are therefore in the fortunate position that our increase of the 2019 subscription fees has been kept below inflation. In addition, we want to offer our members a substantial early settlement discount.  If you pay your fee before 31 December 2018, you are only liable for an amount close to the 2018 membership.

DSA has also put processes and policies in place that will ensure a very tight expense budget for the running of the organisation. Our aim is to ensure that our deliverables to members remain a primary focus. Income will be used to develop the sport. National as well as Provincial plans are being put in place to ensure that the sport is constantly improving.

DSA are pleased to present the following schedule of 2019 subscription fees and levies (we are offering a 25% discount on all horses that are microchipped).

DSA Membership Fees For 2019