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Posted by on Oct 26, 2019 in Newsflashes |

Calling All Dressage Rule Experts

Calling All Dressage Rule Experts

Dear DSA members,

Please, would you be so kind as to identify those people who you know and that are knowledgeable on the Rules of Dressage General Regulations and FEI Rules and regulations and to personally contact them and ask them to submit a short CV to me ( for evaluation by DSA EXCO?

Essentially the DSA EXCO will confirm that they are DSA members in good standing and then evaluate both their experience (mostly time based) as well as their levelĀ of skill (working with Rules and General Regulations) in order to select 5 members to serve on our Rule Change Committee and another 5 members to serve on our Rule Change Appeal Committee. These committees need to be finalised within two weeks, so we have no time to waste.

I suggest a short inclusion or appendix to the candidates’ CV with the following headings:
1. My experience working with Dressage Rules and Regulations (interpretation and enforcement)
2. My specific skillset.[for example using the rules as a Dressage Judge or assisting DSA in changing rules in the past or doing rule clinics or training]

The assistance and inclusion of the best and brightest rules experts (and we have quite a number) will be of great value and assist in creating a legacy of a rule and regulation framework that express the core values of our association including promoting sportsmanship and fair play at all levels of the sport and the welfare of our horses.

I look forward to your assistance.

Pierre Hefer