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Gauteng Dressage Forum 1 July 2017

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AHS Vaccination Permission date delay May 2016

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Equestrian Letter

Are You “putting back” into your sport?

Calling all Dressage riders:

Like every sport, Dressage gets out what you put in. You understand the principle with your training and it applies the same way with the running and organizing of shows.

We would like to encourage all members to put back into the sport no matter which Club you belong to.

The old Cliché of more hands make light work, is very true.

The greater participation and input when hosting a show, makes for a great show. We want to have great shows every time, at all our venues.

We are calling for all interested dressage riders to please help at shows with scribing, recording, running or looking after judges.

Increase your knowledge by offering to help out at shows”.

Calling all School Riders:

All school Children that are part of the COMMUNITY SERVICE PROGRAMME please contact us to be runners at Dressage shows, or generally help out. You can log your hours as DSA or an NPO and we can sign off the hour’s accumulated working at shows.


Members should keep it in mind, as long as the official fees go up eventually all entries will go up too, it effects all of us.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Contact us on to give us all your details and what you can help us with.

Happy Riding, and enjoy your next show.

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