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Posted by on Nov 20, 2018 in Newsflashes |

What do you get from the DSA and how is it funded

What do you get from the DSA and how is it funded

At this time of the year, where membership renewals are due, we thought it prudent to give you more information on Dressage South Africa (DSA) to allow you an educated understanding of the organisation and the funding.

Equestrian sport in South Africa has over the past couple of years been restructured and now comprises a matrix organisation with a parent body – South African Equestrian Federation (SAEF) – including Provinces and Disciplines. Dressage South Africa – DSA – is the dressage specific discipline organisation that is tasked with the following objectives:

• Capacity building in athletes, officials, coaches, facilities and systems.
• Maintenance of a detailed database of athletes (human and equine), officials, clubs, show holding bodies.
• Managing training and development of athletes, coaches, officials, office staff, volunteers, show holding bodies and clubs.
• Diligent care, compliance and responsibility of all the finances from members, grants and donors.
• Managing the Rules and Regulations of the organisation and ensuring compliance with SAEF as well as the international federation FEI.
• Managing and coordinating the show calendars for South Africa and the Provinces.
• Oversight of show schedules.
• Running the booking engines for all graded shows.

The DSA business is run by approximately 70 volunteers on the various councils across all Provinces. The annual budget that DSA requires to fulfil its mandate for 2019 is R 2.1 million.
DSA income is made up of:

• Annual subscription fees received from members of R1,4million.
• Total levies received from graded shows across the country of R550,000.
• In addition, we receive various grants from SAEF, Sports and Rec, Lotto.
• FEI Solidarity fund is a further option where we can tap into resources for specific development programmes.
• Donations and Sponsorships for shows and bespoke events.
• Members contributions to cost recovery of workshops, clinics and training sessions.

45% of the total income is directly reinvested into the sport, whereas 55% are used for administration and management. According to our constitution we also have the obligation to keep 25% of the average previous three years expenditure in a fund to ensure a healthy financial situation for the DSA.