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Posted by on May 31, 2021 in Newsflashes |

Important Notice

Important Notice

Please take note of the important information below:

  1. Shaving of the Sensory Hairs (on the muzzle, eyes and outer ears): the new FEI rule banning the shaving of the sensory hairs on the muzzle, eyes and outer ears was passed during the FEI’s General Assembly in November 2020. This new veterinary regulation was unanimously passed and involves sport horses competing under FEI rules in all disciplines and the penalty for non-compliance is disqualification of the horse from the event. This new regulation will come into effect as from the 1 July 2021.
  2. French Link Snaffle: please note that this bit is not permitted for use in dressage competitions however, we have granted a grace period which will allow competitors to compete in this bit to the 31 July 2021 where after this bit will no longer be permitted.
  3. Protocol for Tack/Bit Enquiries: recently, DSA have received many enquiries relating to Dressage Legal bits. The following protocol should be adhered to, in the event of any query arising relating to Tack/Bits for use in Affiliated Dressage Competition:

3.1 The first point of reference must be your Provincial Technical officer.  Or Provincial President, in the absence of a Technical Officer (contact details below).

3.2  Tack/Bit related queries received by anyone personally must be referred on to the Provincial Council.

       Please include full details of the nature of your enquiry (especially with regard to bits) e.g.

      • The name of the bit/tack item
      • Material of which it is constructed
      • The picture in the rule book which resembles the bit/tack item in question
      • Pictures of the bit taken at various angles and, if possible, when attached to a bridle.
      • Pictures of the bit taken when the bridle is on the horse

3.3  The Technical Officer/President to copy the query to their Judges’ Portfolio holder.

3.4  If the Provincial Technical Officer/President needs further clarification, they should forward the query to Eino Vuorinen:  with a copy to Caroline Potts:

3.5  If necessary, Eino Vuorinen will consult with his Sub-Committee before a final decision is made.

3.6 The decision will be communicated back to Caroline Potts and then to all Provincial Councils for circulation to their members.

Provincial Technical Officer and/or President Contact Details:

Gauteng Province

President: John Smith

Technical: Sheba Zager

Western Cape

President: Elana Hopkins

Eastern Cape

President: Robyn Bush


President: Karen Sutton

Technical: Fiona Muhl

Free State

President: Rosemary Balmer


President: Sonja Coetzee

Northern Cape

President: Henk Jacobs

Technical: Grant Store


President: Dawn Gray

North West

President: Cobus Engelbrecht

Technical: Alayne McLean